Dating dayanara torres

02-Nov-2017 12:04

Former Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres says she is open to doing a movie with former boyfriend Aga Muhlach.

Photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres said that she has yet to see or talk with former boyfriend Aga Muhlach since she arrived in the Philippines.

During her time in the Philippines, Torres learned to speak Tagalog, the main language of the country. She is the only Puerto Rican female actress to win a Philippine Awards Night.

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Torres' victory in the pageant caused some controversy because of the claim that she was still a minor as she did not top any of the pageant's segments.

No way, according to legal documents he says, Torres had to leave her home because she was screwing around with someone she should not have been screwing around with! Marc Anthony says that the scorned woman was so determined to publicly humiliate Torres, that he had to send his own security to help. In the documents Torres says the allegations are "argumentative, improper opinion, lack of foundation, speculation." What I want to know is, are they true?